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Zuriñe Aguirre

The award winning illustrator Zuriñe Aguirre is a restless creator in love with colors. She was born and raised in Vitoria, Spain among waxes, tempera and colored pencils, where she took a Degree in Decoration. Years later she moved to France where she studied for a Diploma in Information and Communication Technologies at the Toulouse Le Mirail University. She continued to flirt with illustration and 13 years ago decided to devote herself to it. She lived for 16 years in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla and has continued to specialize in the field of Graphic Design and Illustration with a Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Design and Print Production. She likes lights and shadows, colors that convey joy and serenity, play with the silences and noises in the illustrations and the different challenges in each project. In love with the pattern design that applies to each illustration. She has published with Spanish, English, South Korean, New Zealand and North American publishers. She is a winner in 2016 of the prize for the best illustrations for poetry at BookILL Fest, Serbia. And selected, among others, 3 consecutive years at Sharjah International Book Fair, United Arab Emirates. She was a finalist in the Euskadi Literary Awards and participant in numerous collective exhibitions. While illustrating albums for children, she also enjoys teaching University Extension Courses on Child Illustration and Pattern Design at the University of Fine Arts in Seville.